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Tackling supply chain sustainability


Covid-19 exposed the vulnerability of supply chains globally. In the

early days of the pandemic, as multiple lockdowns disrupted the flow

of raw materials and finished goods around the globe, businesses scrambled to bolster their supply chains’ resilience. This had the effect of driving trade finance deeper into the supply chain, steadying suppliers’ working capital and thus the supply of goods to the buyer. But in a post-pandemic era where businesses must balance growth plans with ESG goals, the question now being asked is: are supply chains sustainable enough?

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Understanding sustainable growth in Southeast Asia


The HSBC Navigator: Southeast Asia (SEA) in Focus report is a pioneering study of how global companies plan to expand their business operations. Amanda Murphy, Head of Commercial Banking, South and Southeast Asia, HSBC, examines its findings and identifies three dominant trends that will underpin the region’s long-term growth.


Our survey canvassed the views of more than 1,500 international businesses across six major economies that are doing business in Southeast Asia.

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Navigating the cultural and legal challenges of doing business in Saudi Arabia

Castletown Law

Complex legal and cultural challenges can seem daunting to many organisations looking to do business in Saudi Arabia. Andrew Renton, Founder of Castletown Law, explains how he is using his experience of living and working in Saudi Arabia to help clients across the energy and infrastructure sector in the Kingdom.

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Building designs with a sustainable future


A global architecture and design business that has established a reputation for innovative sports stadiums, arenas and exhibition venues is growing fast in the Middle East. Shireen Hamdan, who oversees Populous’ operations in the region, discusses the firm’s activities

and opportunities.

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